W10 Clean Install for Onda V919 Air CH

W10 Clean Install for Onda V919 Air CH

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    A few months ago, I purchased the Onda V919 Air CH (Windows 10-only version (no Android)) through Gearbest.com. Even though I ordered from the U.S., Gearbest sent a tablet with Spanish language pack installed and default set to Spanish. I managed to get default language set to English/location U.S. and, after multiple attempts, removed all traces of Spanish settings and language pack from the tablet.

    Unfortunately, every time a Windows 10 update installs, I end up having to roll back because: (1) WiFi connectivity is lost (cannot see any WiFi networks even though WiFi is working fine for other devices) and (2) W10 reverts back to Spanish language. This time, it won’t even allow me to log in with PIN or full account info. So, I have no choice, but to factory reset–if I can find instructions on how to do that!

    Ideally, I’d like to do a clean install of Windows 10 if possible. I’ve downloaded “V919 AIR CH Windows 10 image model V7 20160304.rar” and “V919 AIR CH 3-29-2016 Drivers Dump.zip” from techtablets.com. Does anyone have a basic checklist of how to proceed from here? I’m really hoping to avoid a painful attempt to translate the Chinese language instructions. Also, I don’t really trust this image. Is there any reason why I can’t just use an official W10 image from Microsoft?


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    To install, you need to find the official website. There are a lot of rogue software and viruses invading computer systems.


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    When I did not like the system installation of my Windows tablets, I made a clean install. It is wise to make a backup of the drivers first especially if you do not find them on the Onda website, Double Driver is available for free and worked good for me several times. This way I got rid of the dual boot of a tablet and uplifted another one to 1809.

    Only once I bricked a tablet trying to install a 64bit Windows on a 32bit device.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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