WARNING: Bricked Chuwi Hi13 after a "successful" bios updated

WARNING: Bricked Chuwi Hi13 after a "successful" bios updated

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    Please forgive my broken English because it is not my native language!


    Dear Chris G,

    I am one of your biggest fan, I am a member of your website and a subscriber on your YouTube channel

    I bought Cube i7 Stylus and Chuwi HI13 after I saw your recommendations.

    Thank you very much for your works, Chris G!  I wish I can be as smart like you!


    And now here is my share of warning to HI13 users that “DO NOT UPDATE BIOS OF CHUWI PRODUCTS UNLESS YOU MUST”


    I read information on this website https://forum.chuwi.com about new bios update for Chuwi hi 13 from this member called Amy something

    I downloaded this file BIOS&EC.rar

    I updated successfully following their instruction

    After the successful bios update message, I pressed shutdown button

    And that was the last time I see hi 13 working screen L

    Now, no matter what I try, the Chuwi logo just doesn’t turn on

    I have given up on my part and I sent it to repair store to see if they can fix it since it is very costly for me to send it back to China for warranty or repair service.

    It is already 4 days passing by and the repair store still don’t have a solution for it.


    Conspiracy theory: that Amy girl stated in her forum signature that she does not work for Chuwi.  However, she is very active in spreading the new bios update new on Chuwi forum.  So the question here is: is Chuwi trying to brick our tablet so that we need to buy their computer part in order to repair our tablet?

    If you guys read carefully on Chuwi website, in the Chuwi hi 13 category, you will see many people around the world are having the same problem as me for unacceptable reason.

    Professionally, a wrong bios update file should not be executable in anyway when it run on the machine that does not match it’s requirement.

    That Amy keep saying that because we updated the wrong version of bios, but dear God, how do we find out the version when we are just average computer user.

    Long story short, there are a lot of angry hi 13 users posted on Chuwi forum due to this stupid bios update problem.

    Finally, I would like to ask you guy for assistants/advice on whether I can reuse the screen and keyboard for something else (not for selling) in case the repair store will tell me that they can not fix my bricked hi 13 tablet (ie. use the screen on other laptop etc)?  At the end, I think the screen and the keyboard are the only 2 features that I miss from hi 13.

    I wish all of you good health and I am looking forward for your suggestions.  Thank you!

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    I know its a long time since you postet this, but your device might be saveabel, it depence on the serial number, if you still looking for a way to save it, please post your serial and ill see what i can dig up

    There are 3 kind of people in the world, thoose who can count, and thoose that can't

    Rafael Luiz Azevedo
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    Hi, good afternoon, staff. I am with the same problem and to get worse I can not even get into the Chuwi forum because at the time of posting I need to put a photo in the profile but this is impossible I already used all the browsers, I tried to use a notebook to photograph myself and nothing the answers come in Japanese and I suppose it is a mistake because it is in red, people who want to help me the serial number of my chuwi hi 13 is Q64G45180201508, remembering that I can not turn on the tablet. I’m using google translate because I speak portuguese

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    i have the same Problem with my Chuwi Hi 13,

    i tried to flash the bios and now its dead, when i push the powerbutton the power-led on the Keyboard is lit for around 5 seconds and then goes off.

    my serial number is Q64G45170901162






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