Will this tablet cut it?

Will this tablet cut it?

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    Close to buying this tablet but I realised I wanted some vocal (written) feedback on it before going for it.
    I have some specific needs for my first ever tablet. I want to use it primarily for e-books, manga reading, late night browsing and tvshows/movie/youtube watching (by the bed) and secondly use it as a backup for documents/schoolwork with a bluetooth keyboard. The only gaming needs I would need to fulfill would be Football Manager (is it even possible on tablet?) or some other “spreedsheet” heavy game. Now would this tablet be too much for my needs? Would I be better off with a cheaper Android tablet? I really appreciate the fact that this tablet uses Windows environment because yeah… a portable desktop is kinda awesome. But I also tried out the Xiaomi Mipad and really liked it but then its limited to android and I guess that means better battery life but running Desktop apps on a Tablet is a bit tempting.

    So Im very close to buying it. Is there a other option out there or maybe it is the perfect fit?



    Chris G
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    The X98 Pro is good for your needs, but if you’re planning on watching tv shows and movies. I would want a 16:10 or 16:9 tablet. So maybe the Chuwi Hi10 (When released is the tablet to look for?)

    The X98 Pro as a desktop works great, but it has one flaw. You cannot charge it and use the USB port. A BT mouse works, but when using one with a Bluetooth keyboard I get some horrible mouse pointer lag. The Chuwi Hi10 on the other hands has a dedicated microusb port for charging and 2 free USB ports. Perfect for attaching a keyboard and mouse. And it’s 16:10 ratio is better than 4:3 for movies/shows and youtube (less boarders).

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    Thanks for your reply Chris. I overlooked the news of the leaked Chuwi Hi10. I really trust and appreciate your opinion so I’ll wait for the Hi10 if its the better option. If you would take a guess… is it weeks or months away from retail? Same or similiar price as the X98 Pro?

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    I had quite similar requirements, especially ebook/comic reading and web surfing but also Movie watching. I have decided that i don’t need the power of the Pro and ordered myself a X98 Air 3G. For the money saved i can get myself a nice logitech bluetooth keyboard.

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