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Windows 10 redstone

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    Harry Hyok Kim
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    I installed Windows 10 Redstone(build 1607) and now plam reject work very well! It has been the new features “Windows Ink”. I need to install it on my i7 Book  about one hour.

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    Cool! Any overheating problems?

    Harry Hyok Kim
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    I don’t know about that. I’m using i7 Book for simple business only. (Presentation/SNS) However, I need a reboot it that Windows ink didn’t work. It looks like Windows 10 redstone’s bug.

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    Redstone runs like a champ for me, although it seems that video playback acceleration in web browsers has not been as smooth as before.

    Chris G
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    I’m just about to record a quick video on this for people. Installed on my i7 Book, the install process freaked me a bit. Boot up all in Chinese and into EFI shell twice (I used the exit command in shell to get back to the install process). But later back to English thankfully once completed. The stylus now works great, in fact perfectly with zero palm rejection issues everywhere with that disable touch option enabled and battery life to me seems better.

    Chrome seems to be the only issue with Redstone, crashes on me. I think that is intentional? Windows trying to make us move to Edge.

    Cool! Any overheating problems?

    Only a thermal pad is going to fix that, it’s a hardware issue.

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    TheCharles P. Williams
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    @Chris Chrome acts wierd on redstone on mine too. Maybe chrome issue with beta windows

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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