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Windows Stor Error

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    hi, after setup my X98 Pro I can download any apps from the windows store.

    but after my first windows 10 updates I can no more download apps. I receive on every download the error 0x80072EE2


    This problem I have only on my X98 Windows.

    I tried a lot of things that google told for store error. no chance. only a windows recovery has sloved my problem… but only until windows made updates.

    so I have my problem again.


    do anyone has also problems with windows store and app download ?


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    • Check if your date and time is correct according to your region of your MS account.
    • Disable Proxy
      1. Type Proxy on the start menu search, click on Change Proxy settings.
      2. Under Automatic Proxy setup.
      3. Move the Automatically detect settings bar to ON.
      4. Under Manual Proxy settings.
      5. Move the Use a proxy server bar to OFF.
    • Run the following commands from a command prompt with administrator privileges
      net stop wuauserv
      net start wuauserv
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    thank you. you are my hereo of the day 🙂

    my store is working now !!

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    Move the Use a proxy server bar to OFF.

    At the moment, there is much concern about censorship and anonymity of users in any media, and on the Internet as a whole. Politicians want to control everyone and always. Therefore, there is a need for a good service where one can find thousands of shared proxies for use. What would you say about it? I have found it recently in the network quite accidentally. It seems like everything is good and the prices are reasonable. Has anyone worked with them yet?

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