X4 BIOS bricked – any dump available?

X4 BIOS bricked – any dump available?

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    Hey Guys,

    for a year now i’m the proud owner of an EZBook X4 (N4100 / 4GB). When i got it, i followed a few forums and tutorials to tweak some things, like disabling the power limit and temperature limits. As i’m a web developer the speed of the ezbook was totally fine for me.

    Yesterday i wondered if i could improve the battery life by turning the power limits back on. So i went into the BIOS and enabled the power limit. Also i noticed there was a setting called something like “platform OS”. Since i have intermediate knowledges in IT and using linux most of the times i changed it also to “linux” (was set to windows).

    Unfortunately the ezbook now doesn’t boot anymore at all. The green power LED turns on, but the screen stays black. No BIOS flashing up, nore any parts of the OS. I also tried to connect an HDMI monitor, but that doesn’t show anything either. I assume the BIOS is misconfigured and needs to be reflashed?

    I read alot about re-flashing the BIOS of the ezBook 3 or 2. But i haven’t read anything about the X4.

    Did anyone have that same problem at some point and maybe has a solution? It would be a shame if my X4 is totally bricked.

    Thank you for any help.
    Greetings from germany

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