X6 Pro Charging Issue

X6 Pro Charging Issue

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    F. Demirdag
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    I’m using battery bar to check charging. Charge rate seems to be 11400mW (11 Watts). Considering charging time this number should be accurate. But the charger is 12V 2A so 24W capable. I know that does not mean the battery can be charged with 24W, charging limit may be 11W.

    But what if charging under load. Say 11W consumption while charging. Shouldn’t this mean charger will provide 22W (11W for immediate use + 11W for charging battery).

    This seems not to be the case. 11W seems to be all it is. 11W usage while charging means no charging at all. Is this normal? Does anyone else seen otherwise?

    Moreover charging with USB-C seems weirder.  Charging rate is again 11W. But every 40 secons or so I get a notification of slow usb charging” then immediately it disappears and charging continues. (Charger is Anker 60W with PD port, cable is also brand new Anker TypeC to TypeC cable). Does anyone else have that?


    Chris G
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    Hi, I didn’t get any slow usb charging warning on my unit. But yes it’s a bit slow to charge slower than expected as commented on in my review. Seems 11w is the max battery charge rate.

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    F. Demirdag
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    After a bios reset USB-C charging problem is fixed. I did change some settings in bios which I think caused this problem. Now it is gone. But 11W issue is unchanged. Even in default bios 11W (11.4W to be exact) is the max power. USB-C adapter pulls ~13W from socket to provide this regardless of machine load. Included adapter is also pulling same ~13W so default adapter is also providing ~11W.

    I think 11W battery charging is normal, what is not normal is that AC adapter does not provide additional power to the machine while charging the battery. I hope this can be fixed with a bios update. Does any one have any news on that?

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