X6 pro webcam does not work

X6 pro webcam does not work

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    Before installing the new Windows 10 I downloaded the driver.

    After installing a win 10 with a microsoft page and installed driver I can not webcamera.

    I have also used the DRIVER booster program and are still unsuccessful.

    these are the OV26850 and OV5648 drivers

    version of both
    DriverVer = 11/09 / 2015,

    and when I update my error code 10

    sorry for me English

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    Teclast X6 pro

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    Try a program Driver Easy…….

    Let us know when it fixes it!

    F. Demirdag
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    I had the same issue. I solved the problem with this:

    1. Checked Device Manager and 1 device was without driver (Multimedia controller or something)
    2. Used driver easy (as Joel suggested)
    3. Downloaded and installed a driver named “Intel CSI2 Host Controller” via driver easy
    4. At this point both cameras do work. (All other drivers are found and installed by Windows; if installation was fresh give it a little more time to finish.)
    5. Driver easy found many more drivers to be updated, that windows could not. If I updated these, one (or more) of them causes cameras not to work. After that/those drivers, camera devices in device manager gives error code 10.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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