X80 Power, Stock rom with the 32GB GPT.BIN file

X80 Power, Stock rom with the 32GB GPT.BIN file

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    I’ve been trying for days to flash the stock rom that someone has graciously posted in these forums.  The stock rom that pulls up when I typed B2N6 on the Teclast’s firmware download site pulls an incorrect Android for the B2N6.  I think that rom was meant for B2N3 and/or the B2N4.

    B2N4’s rom is not available, I guess Teclast didn’t pay their Dropbox bill.

    There is some SERIOUS FLAW with Teclast’s rom.

    After some time X (undertermined as I’ve tried many times and couldn’t find a consistency in how it fails other than the one behavior I saw which I will describe below), the tablet would lock up and be unusable (tap and actual action on the tap has a delay of about 5 to 10 seconds).

    I’ve noticed that this delay starts coming in when I go to the Google Playstore and tries to download/install more than 3 to 4 apps at the same time.  It will try to go down the list and download and install, but eventually, with enough apps installed, it will hose up.  This is unusable, as even though I can install 2 or 3 apps at a time, any long queue of app update on the Google Playstore will eventually kill the tablet.

    When the tablet does get hosed up/killed, it goes into a infinite bootloop, boots up with Teclast logo, then Intel, then the Teclast animated logo when booting Android, and then resets, then loops again.

    I replaced the stock GPT.BIN file with the one that supposedly unlocks and creates an Android-only image, 32GB.  The actual usable space was about 24GB reported after first boot, not a big deal, as 8GB can be thought of for recovery and boot partition as well as funny Chinese OEM math.

    But the tablet going into a deathroll and infinite looping is frustrating beyond belief.

    Do any of you guys have any suggestions I can try before I truly toss this tablet into the e-waste bin?  I tried to contact Teclast and got silence.  I actually tried to contact them several times, silence in every instance and no replies from them other than the pop-up saying “Sended.”

    I wish I can travel to Guandong and chuck this at the engineers and the people behind this.  Teclast is pure garbage, Chinese OEM will always be Chinese OEM, Scorpion and the Frog.  I guess I learned my lesson as the Frog in this instance.

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