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    Marking DATA for Android.

    Download     https://yadi.sk/d/s-1H8wdktLTMK

    Set gpt.bin with different sizes the DATA section, select how much will weigh section DATA (DATA – is the internal memory of the android, and applications) Choose at its discretion.

    I personally did gpt_02g.bin, that is left to SDcard and applications 2 gigabytes, and it turns out I cut with android 4 GB, now I have a place under Windows 24 GB.

    If you will take gpt_03g.bin leave 3GB under DATA, well, you get the sequence …


    1. Remove from the installation folder Android file gpt.bin
    2. Copy the file from your desired gpt_xx.bin (where xx is specified future size of DATA) in the installation folder with Android OS
    3. Rename the file to gpt_xx.bin gpt.bin
    4. Open the Flash Tool, specify options in complete erasure. “Recover” mode
    5. sews plate pure Android.
    6. Install the new Windows 10.


    Sorry for my English, I used Google translator…

    I ported to the X80 Power TWRP-recovery ver-
    Soon it will lay out here.  🙂

    Chris G
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    Thanks a lot, this is great just what the X80 Power needs!

    Chris | Admin
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    Atomic Tofu
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    Chris, did you use this and if so…how about a more proper English translation 🙂

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    🙂 I will be happy if Chris can help with translation)) I promise to learn English)))

    My original post http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=747079&view=findpost&p=51258447

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    Has anyone tried this yet?  I’d like to give it a go, but don’t want to have to completely re-install windows.  Can anyone confirm a complete re-install is required?

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    Has anyone tried this yet? I’d like to give it a go, but don’t want to have to completely re-install windows. Can anyone confirm a complete re-install is required?

    YES, it is necessary to flash android in “RECOVER” mode.
    Mode “Recover” delete windows, you need to reinstall.

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    wow… works great!! thanks man..

    PS: any guide how to modify gpt.bin to have even more free space for android? dont wanna install windows at all

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    We have been looking for a method as Martin requested. The custom gpt.bin files available are still leaving a lot of space unallocated. Other forums have posted varying sizes but none have true 32GB or 64GB configuration. Closest configurations we found so far are 25GB (found here) and 53GB (found elsewhere) and both are leaving around 5GB unallocated (neither used nor reserved). Any help would be appreciated.

    We tried downloading firmware of other 32gb and 64gb Teclast Tablets to retrieve gpt.bin files from those roms but the formats are quite different.

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    Hi, I would like to request a video tutorial on this. Your help will greatly appreciated

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    Hi, I would like to request a video tutorial on this. Your help will greatly appreciated


    Dan Timu
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    Hello, it seems I have a problem. I have changed the gpt.bin, I did the recover procedure for the new sized android but when I tried to install Windows 10, it runs the boot procedure but after 30 seconds it reboots the tablet. I have tried even several times but with no success on installing the windows 10. Any help is appreciated.

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    You can try without USB HUB OTG only work with Cable Usb OTG.

    Manuel Solsona
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    Hi all, I’ve been looking and this post is one of the few things I’ve found to make more spacious windows  on these devices. But since I am not trained in these tasks at all, I want to know if you can answer some questions.                                                                                                                                                         First, a long time ago this post was written, is the method valid at the present time?.                                                                                                                                 I would also like to know if you can do in two Tcl X80 power ID, because I have two, one B2N3 and another B2N6                                                                           The third question is on the procedure,  Machetekills  said, first remove and later, rename the file to gpt_xx. bin gpt. bin, refers to renaming the file, simply to gtp. bin, leaving it with the name as before its deletion right?                                                                                                                                                                     The expectation, is to give more space to window, in order to be able to update to the last version, giving space. The tablet with B2N3, mounts Windows version 1511, which is very far from the latest features of the S.O. and are very interesting, what considerations can you do about this expectation of updating?. I appreciate your time and help, I would appreciate a lot if anyone could point me in these questions. Thanks again in advance

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