X98 Plus 3G on windows 10 insider 14342

X98 Plus 3G on windows 10 insider 14342

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    I’m living in Shenzhen, just wiped Android and converted to windows only on the X98…. running insider 14342.

    I have two problems hoping someone can help.  1. SD nano card is not recognized.   (worked before upgrade) seems to be a driver issue, not win 10.

    Problem 2.  I really wanted to use this tablet with a simple capacative pen, the Adonit Jot Pro, which works on any touch screen that you can use your finger on. But of course won’t wok on this screen! I can get some lines working on down the far right of the screen and along the extreme top and bottom edges, but no where else.  This is weird. Anyone got any suggestions? Also the machine ID is A6C9.. would there be any differences in the windows drivers from the downloads from this site? (which are A5C8 only… if so where can I get the right drivers?  Thanks in anticipation.

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