X98 pro vs x98

X98 pro vs x98

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    Hi chris could you please reply to this asap, as i need your advice

    i have had the teclast x98 pro for about a couple of weeks now and i love the device, the only downside for me is the battery life, so i would like to know if you would recommend the teclast x98, does it have a better battery life for usage of watching movies and browsing the internet on android.i wont be playing games on it so 2gb ram will be enough for me,if the battery life is over 6 hours of normal usage i will be gald to buy

    please can you give me your advice on this issue


    Chris G
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    Yes the X98 Air 3G and now the X98 Plus should get close to 6 hours depending on what you’re doing and screen brightness. But you might miss the power of that X5 Z8500. It’s still the fastest X98 tablet and fastestĀ Atom 9.7″ tablet I’ve used to date. Even not gaming on it, the Pro feels much more responsive.

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    i understand what you are saying i have the x98 pro, and it is very fast, but i need a tablet that can last upto 6-7 hours

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