Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 "no internet" when Hotspotting Mobile Data

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 "no internet" when Hotspotting Mobile Data

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    I have purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version Android phone.  Its a wonderful device and lives up to the Chris’s reviews.  So far there is one only but significant for me issue.  Its related to setting up a Hotspot on the Note 5 to share its mobile data [ie its data provided by its mobile phone provider].  On previous phones I have used I have used phone hotspot to share Mobile Data all the time to obtain internet on wifi connected notepads, tablets [ android, windows and apple i devices] when away from home.

    What does work with the Redmi Note 5: – Hotspot turns on ok and all devices I have used [android, apple and windows can see the hotspot ok on their wifi and connect to the Note 5 ].   Further, if the Note 5 is itself connected to the internet using its wifi it can share the internet with any of the other devices [ie they connect to the Note5’s hotpot and obtain internet services being able to browse, use facebool etc].

    Now I get to the problem:  If the Note 5 has its wifi set OFF and is connected to its Mobile Data [ie connected to its mobile phone provider with DATA = ON] and the Note 5 Hotspot is set to ON: — 1) all other devices I have checked can SEE AND CONNECT to the Note 5 using their wifi.  However their connection to the Note 5’s hotspot shows NO INTERNET [this happens on Windows, Android and Apple devices].  None of the devices I have tested can browse or obtain any internet services while connected to he Redmi Note 5 when the Note 5 is providing the hotspot while using its Mobile Data.

    Reading the blogs around the world I find that this happens with many Xiaomi phone models and with all Mobile Data providers [ie mobile phone providers]  .  I did not notice this point being mentioned in Chris’s reviews of Xiaomi phones.  I wonder if he is aware of this problem and if he has become aware has he found a solution.

    Apologies if this problem has been covered elsewhere.  Regards,  Barry


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    Roger Donoghoe
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    I have the exact same problem. I wouldn’t have bought this phone if I’d known about this problem. Is the no solution?


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    Hi Barry

    I’ve got the same problem. Did you find a resolution?


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    Rubber Corners
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    I was able to fix this problem on my Mi 6x after much troubleshooting. (Not sure if you need a rooted phone for this).

    The first answer on this thread worked:

    It was a tethering issue where a setting was enabled restricted tethering.
    (Note: In Developer settings I had to have both ‘USB debugging’ and ‘USB debugging (security settings)’ on to be able to alter the setting through an ADB shell. Also note, when testing if the setting has changed, the result has to be ‘0’ (zero), not ‘null’ as I got the first time I tried).

    There may also be other options eg changing APN settings under SIM in your phone settings, or changing your phone to allow 3G only (not 4G) etc. Google “tethering” “no internet” (including the quotes), your phone carrier, your phone type etc.

    I’ve read that tethering may be becoming more tied down (in some countries?) on Android. So before buying a phone or choosing a mobile carrier, it’s worth researching such tethering restrictions.

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