Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Review

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Update: 8th July 2017. The rating has been updated to reflect the new version 3 model of the EZBook 3. It now has Intel Wireless AC dual band 3165. Range and performance have greatly improved. But it has come at the cost of the eMMC which is now a slower BWIN brand one with 60 MB/s reads and 40 MB/s writes. Keep in mind it still has an SSD slot and it’s highly recommended to install an M.2 SATA3 SSD for faster boot and load times with increased storage capacity.

The EZBook 3 was an okay laptop, but it did have some issues. A TN panel and bad keyboard flex and bounce were the worst issues. Jumper has returned with their best effort yet in the EZBook 3 Pro. This all metal build is far superior to the all plastic EZBook 2 and EZBook 3. It’s really well finished, weighs 1.4 kilos which isn’t bad at all considering it is made of metal and 13 mm thin.

The main improvement is the keyboard, much better than the last model, very little flex when if any when typing. It feels very solid and the keys have a nice feel to them when typing. We have shortcuts for everything apart, well almost. It is missing a print screen button.

The addition of an extra 2GB of RAM over the now standard 4GB on these models is a welcomed addition. Two LPDDR3 3GB RAM chips are clearly seen on the motherboard under the large copper heatsink which does a great job of keeping the Celeron N3450 2.2Ghz SoC cool. Because of this extra RAM, Windows feels a little quicker, you can multitask more and more RAM intensive apps run better. Even Chrome feels smoother with the 6GB Vs only 4GB on the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1

Below is the full detailed review, English subs included. Pros and Cons with final rating are further down the page.

Now I’ve been asked at lot, is it better than the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1? Yes and no, if it had wireless AC, that would be a definite yes, it is better. Sadly this is all the EZBook 3 Pro lacks, well that and the Lapbook 14.1 screen is much brighter and overall better. Still, the build, keyboard, thermals and performance of the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro make it one of the top Apollo Lake laptops I have reviewed so far and comes recommended.

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Jumper EZBook 3 Pro review screenshots with timecode:


  • Full metal body, overall great build
  • It's thin and light for a metal laptop
  • M.2 SSD Slot inside (Check batch)
  • Great performance for an N3450
  • 6GB of LPDDR3 dual channel RAM
  • Very good battery life
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Great keyboard
  • Matte Anti-glare IPS screen


  • Touchpad two finger scrolling
  • USB ports to close to D/C & 3.5mm
  • Charge lead is short
  • USB 2.0 speeds on MicroSD slot
  • Slow eMMC (Wifi AC version 3 only)


Performance - 8.5
Design & Build - 9.5
Screen - 7.5
Sound - 8
Battery Life - 9


  1. I’m really hesitating between the 3 pro ac version and the 3 s which I think doesn’t have the ac wireless.
    Do you have some advice?

    • Overall the 3 Pro version is much better, better screen, thermals, build (all metal) and faster wireless AC. The 3S comes with a 256GB SSD which is its main selling point. But you can install one in the 3 Pro.

      • Do you get mild electrical shocks when the power supply is connected? I doubt as its a 2 prong ac-dc adapter without ground pin. Can be an issue due to an all metal build.
        Can you please check this as I have just placed an order.

  2. Can I clone the eMMc´s content to the M.2 SATA 3 SSD being installed in the slot or is it possible and (even better) to clone via USB on external storage ? Which freeware or program do you recommend to a Transcend SSD?
    Thanks for your attention and answers.

    • Many programs out there that can do it. Acronis, I tried this one with no luck and in the end just did a clean Windows 10 install. Also, try a Windows 10 backup image and then restore it to the SSD?

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