Jumper EZPad 5S Review

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Jumper, a new brand to TechTablets. This is the first one reviewed, that looks very similar in style to the Surface 3 with its kickstand and rear metal housing. Is it a good clone or one to skip?

The Jumper EZPad 5S has been reviewed below in this quick video review covering all the main points, with a summary below pointing the good and not so good features of the tablet.

Overall it’s not a bad tablet, but the issue of not being able to power any of my 2.5″ inch external hard drives was quite frustrating and a deal breaker for me. It’s possible that future released units might have this fixed, so it would pay to check if you want to access any 2.5″ inch hard drives on the EZPad 5S.


  • Solid Surface 3 Like Metal build
  • Two Position Kickstand
  • Good Thermals
  • DC In Charging
  • Good Speakers


  • USB Ports Can't Power External 2.5" Drives
  • Poor Touchpad
  • Keyboard Scratches The Screen Protector
  • Trackpad Can't be Disabled


Performance - 7.5
Build and Design - 7
Screen - 7
Sound - 8
Battery Life - 7.5

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