Jumper EZPad Mini3 Review

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Here is the review of the Jumper EZPad Mini3. A promising looking 8″ Windows 10 tablet thanks to its full sized USB 3.0 port and OGS (One Glass Solution) aka fully laminated 1280 x 800 screen. But is the OGS screen and USB 3 port enough to make it stand out in the flooded 8″ Atom X5 Z8300 market?

This is a video review, A rating, pros and cons can be found below.

Unfortunately, I received a lemon of unit, as my EZPad Mini3 suffered from Intel driver display crashing errors, I tried 3 different drivers without any real success in solving this. When this wasn’t causing touch screen problems, pushing the tablet with a few benchmarks cause the Mini3 to have random pauses or freezes. Rendering the tablet completely unresponsive for up to 10 seconds. It would get only worse as the tablet progressively got hotter.



  • Fully laminated IPS screen
  • Full sized USB 3 port
  • Supports 128GB MicroSD's
  • USB 3.0 port can power 2.5" HDD's
  • Under $100 USD


  • Display driver crashing issue
  • Random OS freezing up when hot
  • Poor loudspeaker
  • MicroSD solt hidden behind rear cover
  • Wake issues when in sleep mode
  • Slow eMMC write speeds


Performance - 5.5
Build and Design - 7
Screen - 8
Sound - 6.5
Battery Life - 7

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