• Hi, i have a 737A (Ezbook clone) sold with 256GB SSD, and J3455 CPU that i’m trying to unlock.

    The bios is slightly newer than yours: BIOS Date: 11/07/2018 10:07:49 Ver: 3BANS010

    and it’s a pre-release (it writes EVALUATION COPY at POST)

    i’m worried to flash with an older pre-unlocked revision (working with firmware since 2005 and downgrade…[Read more]

  • Hi i’ve just got a 737A with bios rev:

    BIOS Date: 11/07/2018 10:07:49 Ver: 3BANS010

    and i think it’s a late revision. (and a beta one, because on boot it writes “EVALUATION COPY”)


    i d’like to have unlocked features ’cause my 737A is sold with 256GB SSD and i’m sure the 64GB eMMC is still on the board but disabled in bios so i want to enable…[Read more]

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