• I think the noise comes from one of these parts:

  • I don´t think the noise comes from the speakes. To me the R22 inductors (3 on the board in total) seem to be the problem.

    I´m not completely sure but when you google for coil whine, you will find some references to the R22 inductors.

  • andimu replied to the topic Teclast F7 in the forum General Discussion 1 year, 3 months ago

    Yesterday, I received my Teclast F7 (ordered on February 2 via Germany Priority Line).

    Overall, the build quality is great and I´m really satisfied.

    I managed to peel off the screen protector (only one layer). Now i seem to have some matte second layer below the first one. You can see because there are some very little air bubbles between this…[Read more]

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