• I received the Lapbook SE a couple weeks ago with a screen defect showing a black line across the lower section of the screen.  The line is there all the time even with the BIOS screen.  At this point I have the think it is a defective panel or loose connection.  The folks at Aliexpress have been very nice and it appears that I have to mail the la…[Read more]

  • Has anyone taken the HI13 keyboard apart?  If so could you share the process.  Had a crazy idea to change the counter balance weights with batteries.


  • Hello All, I have had trouble with the factory HI 13 charger starting about 2 months after I received it.  The medal around the USB contacts at the USB C side of the cable falls off.  I have reassembled it several times and fortunately not damaged the tablet.  After reading other posts I have ordered a few different chargers that should work in…[Read more]

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