• David replied to the topic Teclast F7 won't turn on in the forum Teclast Laptops 5 months ago

    My solution was to buy a genuine laptop from a genuine supplier, and to  never buy one of these chinese rubbish knockoffs ever again. Lesson learned.

  • Piece of shit for sure. Geekbuying warranty is poor, not sure if other chinese resellers are the same. I can accept that and I accept it’s difficult dealing with a warranty from another country. What I can’t accept is that Geekbuying are not willing to assist one single bit. I’m prepared to buy another motherboard at my cost for the part and…[Read more]

  • Anyone?????

  • I’ve been back and forth with geekbuying and they won’t replace it, or refund. They will repair it if I return it at my expense, but the warranty does not include the motherboard or the screen which is laughable considering that 98% of the whole kit. Yeah I know, the fine print says this but it wouldn’t have changed my initial decision to buy it…[Read more]

  • Has been into the repair shop, they tested what they could, like power coming into the machine etc. They believe its the motherboard. Laptop was only very lightly used, web browsing, word and email, and sat on a desktop for the 4 months it worked.

    I do have a charger with interchangeable connectors but it outputs 5v 3A, (the laptop charger is 12v…[Read more]

  • I’ve disconnected the battery again. When I press the power button I hear a fast clicking noise. If I turn the power off at the power point and then back on the clicking noise stops. This behaviour seems consistent.

    With the battery disconnected the red LED power indicator on the side near the HDMI port flashes red continuously. If I turn power…[Read more]

  • David replied to the topic Teclast F7 won't turn on in the forum Teclast Laptops 10 months ago

    I disconnected the battery as per suggestions in some other threads., only for a few minutes. Still no go. When pressing the power button for 3-4 seconds the left most status LED flashes blue just once and that’s it. No other status lights. I can’t actually remember what status LEDS and colours normally are.

    This laptop is mostly used as a…[Read more]

  • Had this laptop for about 4 months, never had any issues. Now it won’t turn on. No response whatsoever.

    Only has 64GB eMMC, and ofcourse no recent backup, so really need to get this working.

    Please help ……


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