• I had re-install the driver, reset to tablet to factory default. It’s confirmed the hardware issue.

    But, as I bought it from the China online store – Taobao, it’s rather costly to get it ship back to them.

    So, now I just disable the touch screen and using mouse all the time.

  • Just receive my Knote 5 that i’d purchased from

    I setup the tablet in English Win10. It was activated in Chinese Win10, while I contacted the customer service, they gave me a program to re-activate it. It works well. At least, the system doesn’t prompt me to activate my Win10 again.

    However, the touch screen of this tablet has some…[Read more]

  • I am looking for a tablet replacement of my X98 air II which died just days ago.

    I’m open to either dual OS or win 10 only tablet, for some streaming, surfing and simple software.

    Preferred to charge through USB (micro-USB or USB type-C) as I use it during the travel.

    Chuwi Hi 10 air is just released, while Iwork 10 Pro is obsoleted and limited…[Read more]

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