• Neo started the topic fun while it lasted… in the forum EZBook series 12 months ago

    bought this laptop with high hopes, but the trackpad freaks out, poor 2.4ghz wifi, and poor batter life, no source of replacement parts, otherwise it was well made, screen fantastic and performance acceptable. might be back with a teclast or other model but doubtful at this time…

  • why is my download speed so poor on 2.4GHz? upload speeds are fine. 5GHz is fine and what I am using at home, but out and about that is not always a choice. not my network as other devices pulling down proper speeds over 2.4GHz. are they separate antennas? on latest intel driver.

  • How did you cut out the shape? Did you apply first and then trim with a razor?

  • new question, i can see my usb drive from uefi shell but it has no alias attached to it (null), how do i mount it so I can see the contents? I cannot get to the bios rom on the usb drive.

    UPDATE: took a chance and flashed it from the emmc drive. all went well, I have advanced options now. however, I disabled the cpu power management but my TDP in…[Read more]

  • can someone assist me here? I put the original and unlocked roms on a usb drive, i booted into efi shell but when i press fs0, or fs1, etc  get ‘fs1’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. what am I missing?

    sorry, figured it out fs1: is the command lol. thanks everyone!

  • looking for a compatible keyboard cover or trackpad skin, front cover or bottom skin that is compatible? the keyboard would most likely need to be a perfect fit, the trackpad or front back akin can be slightly smaller if needed. loving this little laptop so far!

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