• There are 2 large thermal pads on top of the EMI shield, and another 2 smaller ones beneath it if you pry up the shield. I didn’t have time to re open mine as I’m busy with new baby in the house.

    Make sure that the 2 small pads make good contact with the IC and the shield, and the 2 large grey pads on top make good contact with both the shield…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos when I opened up mine, but I’ll see what I can do tonight when I get back from work.

    It is pretty simple to open up, you’ll have to remove 4 tiny Torx T4 sized screws on the for sides of the tablet, then use a guitar pick or some soft, flat wedge-like tool to open it up by releasing the plastic clips around…[Read more]

  • Its not a bios issue. I faced the same problem and have solved mine.

    What you need to do is to open up the tablet. On the main board, there is an EMI shield that doubles as a heatsink. Ensure that the metal piece is fully in contact with the 2 thermal pads below, one on the Intel SoC and the other on the power management chip. Note that there are…[Read more]

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