Teclast M40 Review

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Teclast’s M40 is a tablet that had some real promise with a very decent UNISOC T618 chipset (for the price) 6GB of RAM, 128GB eMMC, Android 10, dual SIM LTE with GPS, 3.5mm jack, and FM radio. It has sold for as low as 135 Euros which is an amazing price for the spec on paper that it. Sadly The Teclast M40 is let down by the main component in a tablet it’s the screen, the IPS panel is a dull 190 nit screen that is non-laminated and it has a rather slow eMMC flash drive compared to other models. The battery life for the 6000mah seems worse than other tablets with this capacity and the same chipset. Below is the full in-depth Teclast M40 video review.

Bottom line if you plan to only use it indoors and can find it very cheap then okay it’s fine. But it just could have been so much better with a higher quality panel, eMMC, and battery.


  • Great spec on offer for the price
  • The T618 chipset is close to SD730 speeds
  • Good GPS
  • MicroSD support
  • FM radio
  • Loud speakers
  • Stock Android 10
  • 6GB RAM & 128GB eMMC


  • Dull screen and non-laminated
  • Battery life should be better for 6000mah
  • Poor eMMC drive speeds
  • Bad cameras


Performance in category - 8
Build and design - 7
Screen - 5.5
Battery life - 7
Sound - 8
Value for money - 8

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