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Teclast company load of rubbish.

How can Teclast release an piece of shit firmware that does not give you Google mail,Google search bar and play store will not run correctly.What a shit company,messed my tablet right up and they have made it into a desktop android computer phoenix OS is shit as well.Why did the idiots bring out an obsolete firmware. Fix this quick you bunch of idiots at Teclast.



Teclast T10 Master

Bought my Teclast T10 Master from Gear best ,they didn’t even publish my review as it was to honest and would have put off potential buyers, I personally think. OK,its a lovely looking tablet and not to heavy. Cameras are pretty decent and screen looks amazing,great colours,need to play with Mira vision to suit your needs. Battery is brilliant as long as you set WiFi to KEEP WIFI ON DURING I...[Read More]



Great tablet

This ia great tablet for the money. It has excellent specs; display, ram, storage, build quality and design. The fingerprint reader is OK and recognizes my finger most of the time. Display is excellent that is sharp and bright. Audio is quite loud but frequency range is what is expected of a tablet. Wifi is very good, strong and 802.11ac. The ports are on top but should have been on a side. But he...[Read More]

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