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Teclast T20 review (also known as the Teclast Master T20) is an updated version of the Master T10. The rear camera has been improved, now 13MP up from 8M and the chipset is the MediaTek Helio X27. This also includes 4G dual SIM LTE support the master T10 was missing. The tablet has the same great thin unibody build, fully laminated Sharp branded 2560 x 1600 ISP screen. 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC 4.5.1 with good speeds. Below is the full video review of this tablet:

Teclast T20 review video index:

01:00 – Unboxing
01:25 – Build & Design
03:11 – Screen
04:54 – Android & ROM
05:48 – DRM & benchmarks
08:15 – Fingerprint reader
09:02 – Ebooks & PDF files
10:02 – Video streaming
10:46 – Performance
12:10 – Audio & Calls
13:24 – Battery Life
14:11 – Gaming
15:24 – Camera samples
15:58 – Final words
17:16 – Pros & Cons

Overall the Master T20 isn’t much of an upgrade over the T10, it should have at least Android 8.0 by now like the Teclast M20 and while it has 4G support which is great and it can make voice calls the LTE bands aren’t global ones. Only Band 1 and band 3 are really useful outside of China.  In hand, it feels like a premium tablet, not one that sells for $209. The screen is great, good touch response and the wireless speeds are also better than the T10. The Helio X27 in benchmarks is faster but the performance is about the same in real-world use as the MediaTek MT8176 used in the Master T10 its predecessor.

A good tablet yes, let’s just hope Teclast give it Android 8.0 or better!

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Teclast T20 images:



  • Great 2560 x 1600 IPS screen
  • Very good build quality for the price
  • Decent front webcam
  • Stock launcher and ROM
  • 7-10 hours Battery Life
  • All games tested are playable
  • Now with LTE support
  • Good wireless speeds and range


  • Android 7.1.1 is dated
  • Slow fingerprint reader unlocking
  • Limited 4G bands for ROW
  • Minor screen light bleed (edges)
  • Screen too bright on lowest setting
  • No HDMI out or via Type-C
  • Average cameras


Performance - 8
Build and design - 8
Screen - 9.5
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 7.5


  1. Is the T20 exactly the same dimensions as the T10? There are very few T20 cases out there so I just want to know whether T10 ones would fit.

    • To answer my own question the T10 case fits perfectly.

      Have to say I’m impressed with the T20 so far. Very nice tablet and I haven’t any issues with the responsiveness of the fingerprint reader. It’s just as quick as my Pixel 2

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