Teclast X89 Kindow Review

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Kindow X89 Review. Please note is this a video review. But pros and cons are listed below with the sites overall rating rating.

The X89 Kindow, is a media eBook focused tablet from Teclast. It’s got a plastic build and is powered by last years Atom Z3735F. The Android ROM is a dated Android 4.4.4 version, but it’s quick and doesn’t lag or stutter. The ROM is stock like without any custom launcher which is a good thing and the Chinese bloat can be uninstalled. It’s powerful enough to play all the latest games still, but more demanding games like Mortal Kombat X may have the occasional stutter here and there. But I found it was perfectly playable as seen in the video.

The Windows 10 image is Windows 10 Home and performance is okay. I did however, notice the tablet would reach 84 degrees when gaming, just shy of thermal throttling. However, the rear side of the tablet near the Teclast logo reaches an uncomfortable 50 degrees which is very hot to the touch.

Teclast X89 Benchmarks and ROM screenshots:


  • Bright and sharp 4:3 Samsung Screen
  • Very cheap (Under $80)
  • Micro HDMI Support
  • Dual boot
  • Decent wireless speeds
  • 3.5mm headphone jack supports mics


  • Dated Android 4.4.4 Rom
  • Runs very hot, up to 50 degrees surface temps
  • Poor loudspeaker
  • Poor battery life (3-4 hours)
  • Poor VGA front camera useless
  • 32GB eMMC isn't enough for dual OS


Performance - 7
Build and Design - 6
Screen - 8
Sound - 6
Battery Life - 6.5

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