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The Teclast X98 Plus II is a new cheaper revised version of the original X98 Plus. It retains the same 9.7″ 4:3 retina screen, dual boot Windows 10 and Android 5.1. The chipset to is the same, an Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of 1600Mhz RAM and 64GB eMMC. It also has the same wireless N, BT 4.0, micro hdmi out and microSD support. So what is new? Well the ports are now all located on the top of the X98 Plus II and the housing is different, large bezels on the left and right 15mm Vs 10mm, a new 5 volt D/C port for charging and slightly improved rear-firing speakers.

The below is a detailed video review covering almost all aspects of the Teclast X98 Plus II, including benchmarks, gaming and other tests like speakers and eBook/PDF reading. Please use the time codes below to skip to parts of the review that you’re most interested in. At the bottom, you’ll find the Pros and Cons.

Video index:

02:44 – Windows Benchmarks
04:27 – Ports
06:07 – Speaker Test
07:23 – Battery Life
07:53 – Wifi Speeds & Range
08:54 – CS:GO FPS Test
10:41 – Thermals
11:35 – Android ROM
13:00 – Benchmarks, Battery Life, Wifi
15:22 – Android Gaming
19:28 – eBook Reader And PDF Test
20:33 – Final Thoughts With Pros And Cons


  • Great screen, sharp with good colors
  • MicroUSB 2.0 Port powers HDD's
  • Slightly improved sound
  • D/C charging
  • Full speed MicroSD card Slot
  • 128GB cards supported
  • Light Android ROM with good performance


  • Poor Wifi range and speeds
  • Build quality not as good as the X98 Plus
  • Cameras


Performance - 8
Build and Design - 7
Screen - 9
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 7


  1. Build quality is the same as the X98 Plus. Same components and quality.
    Design is the only change.

  2. apparently this tablet has serious issues with the wifi connection….is there any hassle-free 9.7” tablet?
    tbooks seems all fine but they’re a tad too big and too heavy for reading and pdf-browsing

  3. So, which is better for you? This or the plus I?

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