Voyo Vbook V3 (N4200) Review

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Voyo’s Vbook V3 now comes with the new Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 and a larger 12,000 mAh battery but is enough? The Core M3 version had a poor keyboard and thermal throttling. The Atom X5 Z8300 model had USB ports that couldn’t even power external hard drives. Well, the last two points have been fixed, it will power external hard drivers and thermals are good. But Voyo’s poor keyboard and dull screen of only 180 lux let down this otherwise powerful Yogo book laptop with decent battery life. The full review is below covering the design, screen, gaming, performance and battery life. Good and bad points with a rating below.


  • Good performance
  • Good touch accuracy
  • 360 degree design
  • Decent battery life
  • Good thermals
  • Loud speakers


  • Screen isn't bright enough (180 Lux)
  • Poor stylus (No pressure levels)
  • Poor webcam
  • Poor touchpad
  • Bad keyboard.


Performance - 8.5
Design and Build - 7
Screen - 6.5
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 8.5


  1. Hi. I’ve been contemplating on getting this vbook V3 or A1but would like to confirm that the microhdmi is working. I’ve seen another reviewer in youtube whose A1 microhdmi port is not working. I would appreciate it if you could test it out on your V3. Thanks

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