Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Review

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Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 review, sadly this tablet overall disappoints. Sure if has a fantastic screen, great sound and a very good premium build to it just like te Mi Pad 2. The thing is there isn’t really any reason to get this over say theĀ 64GB Mi Pad 2.

They improved the rear camera, increased the battery size a little. But the chipset is no upgrade and the ROM is far from stable resulting in a somewhat buggy and frustrating experience. The CPU is now ARM, no longer X86 so gone is Windows 10 support which the Mi Pad 2 has. Below is the video review:

Once the ROM matures and is finally stable I may just re-review this tablet if I have time, but at this point hold of if you must get the Mi Pad 3 wait until the firmware is stable or there is a stable global ROM.


  • Premium build quality
  • Great 2048 x 1536 screen
  • Good battery life 8-9 hours
  • Great speakers
  • Loud and clean 3.5mm audio out
  • FM radio
  • Fast eMMC 5.0 64GB of storage


  • Expensive for the spec
  • Not a true upgrade over the Mi Pad 2
  • No more x86 so no Windows 10 version
  • Unstable release ROM
  • Bad standby battery drain 2% per hour
  • Slow to charge 4-5 hours
  • No MicroSD or HDMI out


Performance & ROM - 4
Build And Design - 8
Screen - 8
Sound - 8
Battery Life - 8.5

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