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Well, it might not be perfect, but the BMAX Y13 is one of the best Gemini Lake N4100 laptops I’ve reviewed and I’ve seen a fair few now. The 13.3″ fully laminated IPS screen is 380 nits bright with a 74% Adobe RGB color space, touch response is accurate without delay and the hinge is 360-degrees so you can convert this into a 1.2-kilo tablet.

Overall one of the best yet, so much so that the BMAX Y13 gets a big thumbs up from me, It now sits in my studio as my secondary PC for light tasks, downloads, apps, Chrome and Youtube use when I don’t need a powerful noisey Core i7. A great screen, 8GB of dual-channel RAM, great keyboard, touchpad and top battery life means it’s going to be the Chinese sub $400 laptop to bet. Below is my full detailed review with my rating and full Pros and Cons.

BMAX might be new, but they are a brand to watch and definitely doing things right using the same ODM as Teclast and Chuwi! The BMAX Y13 is $359 here at Gearbest with coupon GBBMAXY13

03:15 – SDD & Internals 04:54 – Unlocked bios 05:27 – Ports 06:36 – Keyboard & touchpad 08:03 – Windows & benchmarks 10:23 – Display & Colour space 11:29 – Audio & sample 12:17 – Real-world performance 14:31 – Gaming and thermals 15:14 – Linux Mint test 15:32 – Recap with Pros & Cons


  • Well made thin and light 1.2 kilos build
  • Dual channel DDR4 2133Mhz RAM
  • Very good screen 74% Adobe RGB & bright
  • Full spec USB 3.1 Type-C port
  • Windows 10 Pro not Home.
  • Keyboard is great to type on
  • Very good thermals even when gaming
  • Battery can last for over 8 hours use
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Touchscreen
  • Unlocked bios
  • Clean 3.5mm output


  • Speakers should be louder
  • Webcam isn't the greatest
  • Lowest screen brightness is too bright
  • Hard to see the keyboard at certain angles
  • No full sized USB port


Performance (in category) - 9
Build and design - 8.5
Screen - 9
Sound - 7.5
Battery life - 9
Value for money - 8.5


  1. How did you get the Y13 battery to last more than 8 hours? My brand new Y13 lasts only 2+ hours.

  2. I have recently purchased a BMAX Y13 and tried to upgrade the 256GB SSD with a Crucial 1TB M.2 MX500 sata SSD, but when I plug it into the SSD slot it is not recognised and the tablet will not boot from the cloned crucial ssd. I know the crucial SSD drive works OK because I cloned the BMAX Y13 SSD ok using Acronis and when I put in in a UGREEN M.2 sata ssd to usb c caddy and plug it into the usb c port everything works and I see all the directories and can access the drive OK. Has anyone out there successfully upgraded the BMAX Y13 256GB ssd and if they got it working what make of M.2 sata SSD did they use and did you have to change anything in the bios to get it to work? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

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