Gemini Lake Refresh Models & Where Is Elkhart Lake?

The BMAX Y11 an 11-inch convertible Windows 10 laptop and the 13″ BMAX Y13 the best Gemini Lake laptop I’ve reviewed are now shipping with the new Celeron N4120 “Gemini Lake Refresh” over at Banggood. This minor tweak of the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 is now approximately 10% faster due to an overclock of 200Mhz more on the max boost clock. So 2.6Ghz max clocks Vs the 2.4Ghz...[Read More]

BMAX Y13 – The Best Gemini Lake Touchscreen Laptop Reviewed

A lot of people ask me what’s the best Chinese laptop I’ve reviewed in the cheaper sub $400 models and well I think I found it. The BMAX Y13, it’s a new brand using an old ODM so the design we might see under another brand but BMAX is doing things right, using not only 8GB of DDR4 RAM where others used only 4GB. But dual-channel RAM, fully laminated quality IPS screens, full spec...[Read More]

BMAX Y13 Review

Well, it might not be perfect, but the BMAX Y13 is one of the best Gemini Lake N4100 laptops I’ve reviewed and I’ve seen a fair few now. The 13.3″ fully laminated IPS screen is 380 nits bright with a 74% Adobe RGB color space, touch response is accurate without delay and the hinge is 360-degrees so you can convert this into a 1.2-kilo tablet. Overall one of the best yet, so much ...[Read More]


The BMAX Y13 is a fully laminated 1080p IPS touch screen laptop with 360-degree hinge. It's powered by the Intel Celeron N4100 with DDR4 RAM in dual channel configuration. On the bottom an M.2 slot with a pre-installed 256GB 22 x 80mm SATA3 SSD. The keyboard is a full-sized one with a backlight. For ports it's slim, just two type-C ports, one is USB 3.1 spec that supports data, power delivery and ...[Read More]

BMAX Y13 – Gemini Lake 8GB RAM, 13.3″ Yoga Style Laptop

My review of the BMAX Y13 can be found here: Finally something of interest again, this one popped up on Gearbest and looks promising. BMAX (Not a brand I’ve reviewed) has a laptop similar to the Teclast F5 but only bigger and with the important 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The Y13 it’s called and has a 13.3″ IPS panel with slim 5mm bezels on the sides...[Read More]

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