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The new 14.1-inch laptop from Chuwi, the Lapbook Air is Chuwi’s best yet. It has a fully laminated 1080p IPS panel. The screen is a bright 360 lux with deep blacks and good colors. It’s one of the best scenes I’ve seen in an Apollo Lake laptop. While it’s still not as good as the Lapbook 12.3’s Surface Pro screen, for a 1080p it’s a great panel. Storage is handled by a 128GB Samsung eMMC 5.1 drive with 280 MB/s reads and 125 MB/s writes which very quick for this type of drive. There is also an easy access (just one screw) hatch on the bottom for installing an SSD drive, it must be SATA3 2242 spec, which limits us to a 512GB max capacity which is the largest size available in the 22mm x 42mm size.

Below is the full Chuwi Lapbook Air review including Power Limit tweaking for maximum gaming performance, battery life, real work performance and gaming tests.

Timecodes: 04:41 – Windows 05:36 – Benchmarks 06:37 – Performance 08:41 – Battery & charge time 09:29 – Stock thermals 09:51 – Speaker test 10:19 – Bios & Power limit 11:18 – Gaming, CSGO LoL 12:26 – Power limit off thermals 13:03 – Final words 13:31 – Pros & Cons listed

The build is all metal and quite slim, 17mm at the thickest point including the rubber feet and weighs only 1.35 kilos. The Chuwi Lapbook AIr is also the first Apollo Lake  Celeron N3450 quad to be pair up with 8GB of RAM, it’s running in dual channel and at 1333Mhz. While that isn’t the top speed the Celeron N3450 supports, ram timing are good, 12-12-12 whereas the typical 6GB laptops with the same chipset normally run 1600Mhz but at slower 15-15-15 timings.

The keyboard has an approximate 1.5mm of key travel which is quite a bit compared to the 1.25mm of the Cube iWork5X and the keyboard has every single shortcut you could think. Not only is the 8GB of RAM a first on an Apollo Lake laptop so is the backlit keys. The backlight light works fine, but it’s not quite 100% evenly lit across the keyboard.

Overall the Chuwi Lapbook Air is the best of the Apollo Lake laptops reviewed on TechTablets, but it is also the most expensive one due to the 128GB eMMC, 8GB of RAM and fully laminated screen pushing the price up well over other N3450 models like the EZBook 3 Pro with 6GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC.


  • 8GB of RAM & Fast 128GB 5.1 eMMC
  • Easy access M.2 Slot
  • Intel Wireless AC
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Good thermals (Copper heatsink & thermalpad)
  • Fastest N3450 laptop tested
  • Fully unlocked bios with power limits setting
  • 7-8 hours battery life
  • Great touchpad
  • Very good backlit keyboard
  • Great fully laminated IPS screen


  • Expensive for a Celeron N3450 laptop
  • Minor interference on the 3.5mm port when charging
  • Poor speakers, they lack bass and volume
  • Minor build issue on my unit (bent in keyboard)


Performance - 8.5
Build & Design - 8.5
Screen - 9
Sound - 7.5
Battery Life - 8.5


  1. This Chinese laptop is the thinnest you’ve reviewed, thinner than all from the ezbook version 3 and onda xiaoma 21-31??

    • Looks like it, he said 17mm right at the thickest part. So a few mm thinner

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