Chuwi Lapbook Air

Top 3 Fan-less Budget Laptops Of 2017 (Intel Apollo Lake)

Out of all the Celeron N3450 laptops, I’ve looked at these 3 here are my top picks. These laptops share the same chipset the Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake, Intel wireless AC, full metal builds and are completely silent as they are passively cooled. They all have SSD hatches on them for quick and easy installation of a 2242 SATA3 SSD and their bios has unlocked power limits settings. All of...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Air Drivers, Bios And Windows 10 Image Added

The downloads section for the Laptop Air is also online now as I wrap up my coverage of this model.  These drivers are the original that I dumped using doubledriver. You can find them and the bios update and Windows 10 image here in the Chuwi Lapbook downloads section.

Chuwi Lapbook Air Review Now Online. A Top N3450 Laptop

The Lapbook Air review is now online. This latest N3450 laptop is by far the best with 8GB of RAM, backlit keyboard and 128GB eMMC 5.1 spec drive and SSD slot. The screen is also the second best, nothing can top the Lapbook 12.3’s anti-glare Surface Pro screen. But this glossy, glass covered 1080p IPS is bright, with deep blacks and good colors. The glass is fully laminated really makes that...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Air Downloads

Chuwi Lapbook Air (N3450) drive downloads Windows 10 factory restore image and bios updates.  

Chuwi Lapbook Air Review

The new 14.1-inch laptop from Chuwi, the Lapbook Air is Chuwi’s best yet. It has a fully laminated 1080p IPS panel. The screen is a bright 360 lux with deep blacks and good colors. It’s one of the best scenes I’ve seen in an Apollo Lake laptop. While it’s still not as good as the Lapbook 12.3’s Surface Pro screen, for a 1080p it’s a great panel. Storage is handl...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Air

The Chuwi Lapbook Air is a 14.1" laptops running Windows 10, powered by an Intel Celeron N3450 CPU. It has 8GB of RAM, full metal build, and fully laminated 1080p IPS screen. It has two USB 3.0 ports, Mini HDMI out and MicroSD slot.

Chuwi Lapbook Air First Impressions And Hands-On

This Chuwi Lapbook Air could be the last Apollo Lake N3450 laptop I review, and possibly the best one? Maybe even topping the EZbook 3 Pro V4. It’s also the first Apollo Lake laptop to get 8GB of RAM, only a few Apollo Lake mini PC’s use 8GB and the rest of the laptops I’ve reviewed have 6GB or 4GB. So it’s great having the extra RAM. Video index: 02:11 – Design 04:15...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Air Now Up For Pre-Order (Updated)

Update: 12th October. Looks like there might be a dark grey version also? Looks great in dark grey. Update: 10 October. The Chuwi Lapbook Air is now up for preorder, $336 for a limited time with coupon chuwinew02 over at Gearbest. Slightly better than the first price of $379. I’m aiming to review this one, looks great with the backlit keyboard and 8GB of RAM. I hope Chuwi gave use unlocked p...[Read More]

Chuwi Laptop Air, Chuwi Hi9 & Chuwi HiBox King Now Official (Updated)

Update#2 – According to Chuwi France, the N3450 is just the initial CPU used in the Lapbook Air, so there is some hope still of a Core M3 version. Update: Specs updated and first hands-on video of the Lapbook Air shows a very nice looking design and build. Looks a lot like the Mi Notebook Air. Anyone understand Polish? Is it that a mini HDMI port or Type-C? I can see just by looking at the k...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook Air Videos

Videos on Chuwi’s Lapbook Air, fully laminated 1080p IPS, Intel Celeron N3450 laptop with 8GB of RAM, 128GB eMMC 5.1, Wireless AC and backlit keyboard. Chuwi Lapbook Air full review Lapbook Air unboxing:

Chuwi Lapbook Air – New Images & Info

Two new images of the Lapbook Air a new up and coming Core M3 laptop from Chuwi. New info reveals it will have a glossy fully laminated 14.1 1080p IPS, with 320 cd/m2 max brightness. 8GB of RAM (Yay!) and 128GB of eMMC storage and a M.2 SSD slot. It’s weight is 1.3 kilos and just 6mm thin at the front. As you can see from these images, it looks a lot like the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 or 13 ...[Read More]

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