Chuwi Surbook Mini Review

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Chuwi’s Surbook is a very decent Surface Pro 4 alternative, admittedly a less powerful one, but it uses the same exact screen and a similar design. Then we have the Surbook Mini, a cheaper, smaller cut down version of the Surbook. That’s made a few many compromises along the way.

Chuwi Surbook Mini review, video index:

01:29 – Design 04:35 – Screen 05:17 – Benchmarks 07:00 – Chrome & Edge 08:04 – 4k streaming 08:20 – Performance 09:13 – Speakers 10:03 – Battery & charge times 10:47 – Gaming 11:39 – Thermals 12:11 – Webcam sample 12:24 – Bios 12:34 – Linux 12:58 – Recap with Pros & Cons

To start with the stylus isn’t a pressure sensitive one like the Surbooks, it’s a simple on and off. With at least some palm rejection throw in. Not good for handwriting or artists.

The RAM too has been cut from 6GB LPDDR3 1600Mhz to, 4GB of RAM. The same quantity we go on the first Apollo Lake N3450 tablets and laptops. But it at least this tablet has a great fully laminated 3:2 aspect ratio screen. The exact same panel from the Atom Z8700 sporting Surface 3. So really not taking into consideration the stylus this is a more powerful version of Microsofts Surface 3, with a few extras like Type-C.

Overall if you can live with a larger 12.3″ Surface Pro stylus 2-in-1 tablet I recommend going for the Surbook, it’s got a better stylus, battery life and better keyboard. See my Surbook review.


  • Great fully laminated Surface 3 screen
  • 520 lux with good colors & deep blacks
  • Good full metal build
  • Kickstand & type-cover keyboard
  • Fast eMMC 5.1 spec storage
  • Type-C, MicroSD slot & USB 3.0 ports


  • Simple stylus with no pressure levels
  • Poor speakers, no stereo seperation
  • Speakers lack volume
  • Touchpad is poor
  • Battery life is only 5-5 1/2 hours
  • Type-C port hard to plug into


Performance - 7.5
Build & Design - 8
Screen - 9
Sound - 6.5
Battery life - 7

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