Cube i9

First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Pain in the ASS

Not worth the hassle. Upon receipt the system froze when I tried to reset Windows. After re-installing with a clean vers of Win10, I had problems with ghosting of the Winkey (Cube knows of this problem and there is a fix). After that annoying experience, after 6 weeks of use the system would not boot. I suspect it was because I didn’t turn off the tablet over night and the battery drained be...[Read More]



Nice all round tablet

Nice Built Tablet. Nice feel in the hand, Corners are smooth, performance is good, nice screen and not much bloat ware. (3 videos). Love the kick stand, SO need this in a tablet, esp with the size. Speakers are ok, Not much bass but they are fine for gaming etc…. The only down full i had is transfer rates are slow on usb type c hub and micro sd, would like to see if this is just my tablet or...[Read More]

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