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First Intel Skylake tablet of 2016. First kickstand tablet.
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Deals: Cube Sale: I7 Stylus for $289, iWork8 Air for $82

Gearbest has a large sale on right now on Cube tablets, from the small under $100 dual boots to the flagship Corfe M3 powered i9 and i7 Book models. An example of some of the better offers: The new iwork8 Air 8-inch dual boot upgrade with new 1920 x 1200 panel is just $82.99 Cube i9 (12″ Core M3) is $409 The Cube i7 Stylus for $289....[Read More]

Cube i9 Core M3 $399 Flash Sale

Update: 13th. GearBest has released 200 more units at this price… Now this wasn’t working for me to begin with, but it should be now. There 26 units of the Cube i9 Core M3 for $399 over at GearBest. This is a drop down from around $460 I think it was previously. And the sale price is the same as the big Aliexpress sale. The de...[Read More]

Dell Type-C Dock And Cube i9 Test

In my quest to find a type-c hub that can be used as a proper dock for my Cube i9, I brought a Dell dock (model WD15) with a Type C plug In the hope that it that will charge, output video via HDMI or DisplayPort and have a few USB 3 ports. And work on future tablets that have proper type C support. Everything worked, apart from any form o...[Read More]

Cube i9 Vs Teclast X3 Pro Comparison

The two flagship Intel Core M3’s compared in this video comparison, the X3 Pro uses last years X2 Pro housing and keyboards. But it’s got an edge (pun intended) over the Cube i9 with its 8GB of RAM, Stylus support and Wireless AC. Speed wise they are very similar, the X3 Pro has slightly better scores in most benchmarks, but n...[Read More]

Cube i9 Review Now Online

The Cube i9 review is now online. This one gets my thumbs up overall a very good Core M3 tablet, but not perfect. Some minor issues like the MicroSD card slot. But it has a great keyboard type cover, nice design, good build and it’s quick. Have a look at the full review with benchmarks, game tests and more info. What is interesting ...[Read More]

Cube i9 Review (Video)

Here’s the Cube i9 Video Review. It has just been posted up on the YouTube channel, I’ll also be giving the model a full written review which is currently being worked on now. That should be posted soon, but for now here’s a summary of it all in the below video. After using the tablet now for more than a week as my sole ...[Read More]

Cube i9 Keyboard Unboxing and First Impressions

My Cube i9 keyboard arrived today, rather poorly packed as it shipped with an express document courier and GearBest removed the outer box. Not too happy about that, luckily no damage to it. But this keyboard is so far great! First impressions are really good, the build is as good as the last gen Surface Pro 3 keyboard. No seriously it is,...[Read More]

How To: Cube i9 Heat Sink Mod & Boost Power Limits With Results

Those following my Cube i9 posts and YouTube videos would have seen that I bricked the tablet. But now I ‘m back up and running, more about that here and the Cube i9 bios recovery flash method write up is here. Just before I bricked it, I did a cheap and relatively easy heat sink mod. It’s very basic, but has a huge impact on ...[Read More]

Cube i9 Internals, 4G M.2 Slot, How to Open and Copper Heat sink Mod

I opened up my Cube i9 before I bricked the bios to have a look at the internals. Here are some images of the Cube i9 from this semi teardown. There is a SIM reader slot on the motherboard and a spare M.2 (NGFF) 22 x 42mm slot for a Huawei LTE or similar 4G modem. I’m not sure it will support another SSD, I highly doubt it. This thi...[Read More]

Cube i9 Benchmarks and Gaming Test (Video)

A few people have been after this, some popular titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of legends and Dota 2 tested on the Cube i9, as well as other titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Dirt 3 and Half-Life 2 Lost Coast. Another clip that covers benchmarks on the tablet like Geekbench 3, PCMark and 3Dmark. Overall, the ...[Read More]

Cube i9 Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions

The wait is finally over after an Aliexpress seller blunder that resulted in a 30+ day transit wait for my Cube i9. It’s the new Cube flagship, replacing the popular Cube i7 Stylus with a new Intel Core M3-6Y30 SoC and larger kickstand design. Here’s the unboxing video and hands-on. This tablet will be in the spotlight for a w...[Read More]

Cube i9 $399 Sale Now On

Edit: The sale is now live, a chance to pick up the Core M3 powered Cube i9 for $399, it ends on the 2nd. I’m also expecting my i9 to arrive this week for my hands on videos and a full review here. In order to get the saving you have to use the App version of Aliexpress, as the offer is only via the mobile application and not direct...[Read More]

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