2 years and doing great

2 years and doing great

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    The Cube Thinker was my first foray into laptops from Gearbest almost 2 years ago & i can report that this thing is doing great.

    I personally used it for a little while, then my Sister needed a laptop for her international MBA, so i donated the Cube Thinker to the cause (i had Xiaomi Air & Gaming en route from Gearbest!). since then its travelled & been used all over the world and not skipped a beat, quite impressive after seeing my sisters suitcases!

    I still can’t believe the price… £296.39 (GBP)

    Beelink GTR Pro - Ryzen 5 3550, 16GB,1TB 970Evo
    eGlobal S200 - i9-8950HK,32GB,256GB 970Evo
    Chuwi Larkbox - J4115, 6GB, 512GB
    Voyo V1 - N4200, 8GB, 1TB M.2 2242 SATA
    Xiaomi Mi Gaming i7, GTX1060
    Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air i5, MX150
    Cube Thinker i35 (Donated to Sister)

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    yes, I agree … except the keyboard or in particular the left shift key – that has become really annoying day in and out.

    And keys got worn out pretty fast unfortunatelly. No spares available so end of life becomes in sight when you can not get used parts or slaughter nother device in favor to repair your own.

    but beyond that it works, looks rock solid and the screen is still a beauty.

    AND: i have not see any alternative in the past 2 years

    Good luck - WOLF

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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