• I had similiar issues caused by a stain … I had to shut down an clean the screen first, but it worked.

  • Wolf replied to the topic 2 years and doing great in the forum Cube Thinker 2 months ago

    yes, I agree … except the keyboard or in particular the left shift key – that has become really annoying day in and out.

    And keys got worn out pretty fast unfortunatelly. No spares available so end of life becomes in sight when you can not get used parts or slaughter nother device in favor to repair your own.

    but beyond that it works, looks…[Read more]

    At least this hub NEEDS a usb type C power supply to work with any hdmi screen regardless of its size – even 10 inch displays does not work without this power supplied hub – never had an experience with usb type c hubs before so pretty surprised. The card shipped with the hub said that the hub would get power from the laptop through its usb…[Read more]

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