Anyone with a BMAX laptop?

Anyone with a BMAX laptop?

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    peteronowak .
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    Hi all,

    I know Chris will review a Y13 but I just thought to ask if anyone here already have a Y11 or Y13 and what they think of it?


    I am after a budget travel notebook and a Y13 or Y11 look interesting… I am particulary interested in how a BMAX would compare against Chuwi Lapbook Pro… hoping that while BMAX have added the touchscreen it has not skimmed on quality of other HW…


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    Anyone know what is the largest size the M.2 drive can be later upgraded to after purchase?  Guess??


    Chris G
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    @peteronowak If you look in the comments someone has the Y11, all good apart from the keys are quite hard to see the letters on them. Because it’s silver and not backlit. I’ve reviewed the Teclast F5 search for that, the exact same machine apart from the colors used. I really like the F5, just no full-sized USB port and 5 hours battery life tops! But for a travel laptop, it’s great so thin, portable and only about a kilo in weight.

    @joliett I posted in the comments this. If it’s 2242 (99% it is in the Y11) It’s 512GB max. But if it’s 2280 in the BMAX Y13 then 2TB.



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    peteronowak .
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    Thanks Chris, will check the F5 review. Regarding the lack of full sized USB ports… I assume there are adaptors?


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    I have a Bmax Y11 and can confirm that’s the same laptop as the Teclast F5 (NOT the F5R), only differences are the grey/white keyboard (that is difficult to read under some light conditions) and the SSD, which is 256 GB.

    The battery is not so good, it’s only 7.000mah and can last about 4-5 hours, like Chris said.

    No full size ports, I use a USB-C hub linked to the power supply, or it is possible to use the bundled micro-usb to full-usb adaptor.

    As said before, the Y11 does NOT have backlight keyboard.


    Buenaventura Durruti
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    I have bought one Bmax Y11 and  two things  have surprised me: the screen (bright, sharp colors, impressive!) and the manufacturing quality, carefully finished metal case, well adjusted keyboard, solid materials.



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    Hi Folks,

    got my BMAX 13 yesterday, nice little fellow, only thing I’m looking for to buy is a glass screen protector, investigating now which on the market ones would fit the best 🙂

    But I have one question to other owners, especially on the BMAX 13.3 – USB-C power delivery, and charge, is the USB-C charging working for anyone? The original charger work in the proprietary connector, but I tried several USB-C power supplies on the “FULL USB-C” port just beneath the power plug, and if I connect the USB charger, red light only once blinks and that is no charging, Windows is not showing any charging, do you have the same? For me on the way USB-C Charging is crucial, all my equipment is now a days USB-C, I had not the courage to ad a charge to the second USB C connector, on the other site, above the power button I don’t want to damage anything.


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    Hello guys, I’m considering buying Y13. Can anyone tell me if you can use the pen on this touchscreen? Anyoned tried it?
    I want to use it in businesss for both, writing notes and drawing sketches.


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    On the manufacturer site is a active stylus advertised, but I would not use any of those without a glass protector


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    I wonder when we will get the chance to buy and 2X1 cheap and perfect, backlid is great, large memory is great, strong cpu is great 12 or 13″ are great, 300 euros are great , but there are always somethings bad!


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    Update, for my Y13 I ordered the Teclast F6 Pro screen protector, its nice plastic glass, but too small, don’t bother to use it.

    Can anyone recommend a glass/plastic-glass protector for the Y13?

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