ay caliente – why an ultrabook is no laptop when it is hot outside

ay caliente – why an ultrabook is no laptop when it is hot outside

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    Summer has come to Spain and it is 30ºC outside and 28ºC inside.

    None ventilated portable computers like most ultrabooks are fine to use when the room temperature is around 20ºC and you have them sitting on your lap, with a trouser between you the the computer.
    If it gets warmer and the trouser much shorter the fancy sleek design might come back and bites you in the butt.
    Instead of putting the processor in the middle of the ultrabook,what would be between the legs, the processor often sits near the outside and keeps this leg warm. Good in winter, spring and fall but not so good in summer.

    In the last weeks I did something what I normally do seldom: watch youtube for a longer time to do some research (about what, you see on the number links below)
    I had no idea that youtube in 720p (my speed is fast not enough for 1080) can heat up a computer so much that I have to remove it from the lap or my leg gets grilled.

    So i did a little research what ultrabook has the best thermal design and if there is a difference what browser you use.

    The ultrabooks:
    – Jumper 3S with a modified thermal setting (see my blog) win 10 1703 6GB / 512GB SSD
    – Thomson Nox13 (similar in design to the Jumper 3 pro but with a N3350 instead a N3450) win 10 1703 4GB / 256GB SSD
    – T Bao 15.6″ with a x5-Z8350 win 10 1607 4GB / 64GB eMMC
    – HP Stream 13 win 8.1 2GB / 32GB eMMC

    The browsers:
    – Microsoft EDGE windows 1607
    – Google Chrome newest version
    – Firefox Quantum 60.0.2
    – Waterfox newest version

    The test:
    All contestants are seated on a simulated lap what produces the identical temperatures as measured on a lap after a 10 minute test.
    The temperature was measured over the whole bottom with the hot spot shown.

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    EDGE keeps the coolest and wins and Waterfox (my favorite anti spy browser) is the hottest – bummer
    The red curve is the temperature and the green is the processor usage.
    The 3 year old HP Stream with only 2GB memory and a slowish 32GB eMMC is the winner in staying cool
    All computers were tested with the newest Firefox Quantum with 2 browser tabs open and Thunderbird email running in the background.
    All speed enhancements and bios speed enhancements were set to factory.
    Throttle Stop was not loaded.

    The last test with EDGE again shows that is still brings the temperature down but can not reach the low point of the initial test.
    As a conclusion, the optimal summer ultrabook for the lap is one what has all the components in the screen (tablet style) and is sturdy connected to a good keyboard with enough weight to keep the computer from tipping over.

    Any good ideas what that would be? With a 14″ screen?


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    I did another couple tests, I would love to have done them with my Jumper but I deleted all the unwanted MS apps and programs including EDGE so successful that so far non of the published ways to reinstall EDGE again worked.

    So this test was done with the Thomson (Apollo Lake 3350)
    On the 256GB SSD there is also no EDGE no more, but with this bios I can switch between eMMC with the factory original Windows 10 to the SSD with my modified Windows.

    first test as before, room temperature 29ºC on simulated lap, see pictures above
    second test, room temperature 27ºC sitting on a glass table

    The processor heat difference is around 8ºC and the bottom and top hot spots stay below 40ºC on the glass table.

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    I finally got myself a laptop cooler

    tried a cheaper model but that was crap, with this one the PC sits on a very holey metal with a big silent fan what gets its power from the usb port but also provides one extra, so you still have the same amount of usb ports available.
    Funny thing, different usb cables provide different fan speeds. I oped for the slowest speed.
    The fan gets switched on via a switch and not via plug and unplug as with the cheap model I had first.
    Sadly the paint is glossy and slippery from the metal, so I stuck some anti skid tape on it where the feet from different computers touch the metal.

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