[BIOS] EZbook 3 Pro v5 => v4 downgrade

[BIOS] EZbook 3 Pro v5 => v4 downgrade

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    Is it possible to flash newest v5 to v4 BIOS downgrade with unlocked advanced options? I have v5 from Gearbest just arrived and I cant even make fresh install Windows 7.

    btw. hello from Poland 🙂

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    Why should you install windows 7 when you have windows 10?

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    Check if the hardware is backwards compatible with windows 7, it probably has no drivers to run on

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    I know but I want to try anyway. Im W7 fanboy but I cant make fresh install W7. Even if I would like to install W10. I cannt do that because I cannot boot pendrive.

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    Where does it say v5 though? I wonder if I have the v4 or the v5…

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    You can’t. The hardware isn’t compatible with Windows 7, which came out in 2009, by the way. It’s a 9 year old operating system now.

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    i tried for 5 months to get 7 or 8.1 working, it is blocked hardware side from intel  and forced driver incompatibility. save a lot of time and read my posts regarding win  7

    Please keep in mind that the Apollo lake is build for win 10 only.
    Even in my Bios is a win 7 OS option it is not possible.
    The intel hardware has some build in nasty surprises what you can counter by external usb devices (wifi, bt, soud, touchpad/mouse etc.
    BUT your main problem is the Graphics driver

    Do it like I did, prevent windows from updating anything, then rip out everything what bugs you and put a win7 OS look and feel over it. This way you have a modern OS working under the hood with win7 handling, no spying, no telemetry and I never saw even a single advertising or had a single crash because of unwanted remote installation.
    I tried all the other  ways, for the Apollo lake this is the best workable for me, since I am back in control ans not MS. (see link below)


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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