Bmax Y13 – Battery problem

Bmax Y13 – Battery problem

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    Hello everyone,
    I am a Bmax Y13 owner and since I got it I have problems with the battery.
    The battery using only chrome to windows mail lasts less than 3 hours and from what I have seen it should last 5/6 hours.
    I created the windows battery report from the command prompt and the battery serial number and model are not detected.
    No data is recorded even in the “Battery capacity history” and “Battery life estimated” sections.
    I also made a video that I put on youtube:

    I attach the image of the battery report.

    Does someone else do the same thing?

    Is my battery defective?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Chris G
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    Hi, mines not detected the brand either this is common. But it seems like maybe one battery cell is bad? Please try a full cycle to calibrate your battery. To do so run the laptop until it powers off. Then turn it on again and again until it will not power on anymore. Leave it to charge overnight.


    This will recalibrate the battery.

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    Thanks Chris,
    now I try and then tell you if it works.


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    I recalibrated the battery as Chris indicated to me and now working with Google Chrome and windows mail app the pc lasts 3.5 hours far from the 8 hours declared.
    In my opinion the battery in any case has problems.
    I contacted Banggood and asked for the replacement of the battery.

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    How did it end?


    <i>Com’è andata a finire?</i>

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    The same as mine.I have Tried a full cycle to calibrate my battery.
    After about 4 hours of use, the battery indicator will be 5% and the computer will be in hibernation.

    However, even if the battery display becomes 0% after restarting, it can be used for several hours.

    Apart from this problem, I’m very happy to buy Y13 after seeing Chris’s review.I really like the Y13.

    I’m poor at English.Thank you for helping translation is great.

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    Hey all

    Just wanted to share my experience with the bmax y13.

    I have it less than a week and the little laptop works fine, except for the battery.

    It is supposed to be designed up to 34600 mWh. Full charge capacity is at 24700 and current capacity is only 12700. Battery % goes until 52. In reality not even a third of claimed battery life. So quite dissapointed that this is not on par. Tried calibrating and windows setting but no luck.

    I have send a email to bmax asking for battery model type. Also for BIOS drivers?

    What i understand from reading the web is that only solution is going to be a new battery.

    I also understand from the web that the teclast f6pro is very similar. Would this teclast replacement battery be a suitable replacement battery for the bmax y13 or is this a stupid idea?

    Could someone with electronica skills reboost the battery to life?

    Anybody has fresh ideas to tackle this problem?

    Hope to get this as i should be though

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