Chuwi Service Experience Lapbook SE problem

Chuwi Service Experience Lapbook SE problem

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    I received the Lapbook SE a couple weeks ago with a screen defect showing a black line across the lower section of the screen.  The line is there all the time even with the BIOS screen.  At this point I have the think it is a defective panel or loose connection.  The folks at Aliexpress have been very nice and it appears that I have to mail the laptop back to China and they will repair of send me a new one./. Argh…

    Here are a few questions:

    • Has anyone successfully shipped and item back to Chuwi for repair/replacement?
    • Any affordable shipping suggestions from USA?  USPS quote was $85…
    • Is there an easy way to open the screen panel to check the connections?  I would hate to go through all this and have it be something simple.
    • Another idea?

    This all comes after the charger fiasco with the HI13 that now only holds about half a charge and only charges with a ‘dumb’ 12V charger.



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    Chris G
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    More than likely it would say it’s the panel. Could be transit damage, which is why I don’t mind when sellers check the tech before shipping. You can open the back (two screws are hidden under the two rear rubber feet) and push around the large ribbon cable at the top towards the screen, that one is for the screen / DP cable.

    This could be the source of the issue. I can’t remember now without looking at my video but it might be glued into place. So just make sure it looks good, push down on it and around all cables, check them. Then turn it on and check again. If the line is worse, might be the cable. If it’s exactly the same, screen issue. And would need to be replaced.

    Chuwi seems to be more of a lottery than the other Chinese brands.

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    That’s a bummer. There must be a cheaper way to ship it than $85. There’s no way Gearbest spent that much to send it to you. I wish I had information for you, because you are experiencing my own concern about buying low price stuff from China. Whatever you do, please post back here about what happened. It would be helpful to me and others to know the rest of the story. Thank you.


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    Hello there!

    So, I decided to go through the hassle of the return shipment to China and just start using the laptop.  Chuwi is able to take advantage of bulk shipping which is how they can get stuff here so cheaply.  I have since moved the Windows installation and installed Voyager Linux along side which is working great.  Will do the heat sink mod next and may get lucky and find the screen issue was from a loose connection.

    I will say that the Chuwi support people I emailed with were very professional and nice to talk to.  Just not a lot they can do without sending the unit back.


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