Disabling Windows 10 Update: Good or Bad?

Disabling Windows 10 Update: Good or Bad?

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    I just received my new Chuwi Hi 12 tablet today and so far everything is running smoothly, even the keyboard touchpad gesture issue is not noticed. Now I am thinking most of the issues that this tablet have are usually after windows updates.

    Please is it a good idea to totally disable windows updates in this tablet?



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    I dont think it’s fully possible to 100 % disable Windows update?

    How would you turn off Windows update 100 % – especially in Windows 10 – non pro version?

    I have tried so many times and everytime, Microsoft somehow managed to force a auto update on my tablet, so annoying.


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    Try this workaround it will solve the problem, I didn’t try yet as my Chuwi is still not arrived yet http://www.thewindowsclub.com/turn-off-windows-update-in-windows-10

    Please confirm if the workaround is working


    bill march
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    Windows 10 is great but the forced upgrades are ridiculous. As far as I can tell there is no known way to permanently disable the updates. If you disable the update service, there are scheduled tasks that run regularly to re-enable them. If you cancel the scheduled tasks, as soon as you reboot your computer they get added back. The possible solution is that there should be a registry key you can set to alert you that windows 10 updates are available instead of automatically installing them.



    David Gilmour
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    Disabling is better.

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