EZBook 3 Power button is broken

EZBook 3 Power button is broken

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    Olivier Ntanama
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    Last year, I bought a Jumper EZBook 3 on Gearbest and it worked very well.
    Unfortunately, by accident, I was able to throw water on his keyboard.
    So I quickly opened it and cleaned it. I left it open for 2 days without turning on the computer.
    The 3rd day, I decide to turn it on but the PC does not turn on even though it marks that it is charging.
    I think that most of the keys on the keyboard are damaged (including the power button) so the PC does not turn on.
    So I would like to know if there is a component on the motherboard that can allow me to turn on the EZBook 3 with a broken power button !!
    Please help me

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    If it happens again, do NOT turn it on.  Put it upside down, opened, in an oven at no more than 140F (open the oven door and try to maintain 110F) and “bake it”  for about 6 hours.  Let it cool to room temperature, then press the power button.

    I think you’ll have to toss the damaged Jumper.


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    well, if it is dead already, no harm dismanteling it. Take some photos where what goes. Battery goes first, when you reached the keyboard foil check for trapped moisture between the 2 plastic layers, evtl. open up and wipe the contacts. Remember, you can only win.

    All the flat cables are held in place by the little black bar on top what you can easily flip up.

    You should see where the water penetrated (use mangnifying glass).
    If it still will not work, sell for parts, battery, screen, case and maybe the main board still should work.

    check for youtube videos

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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