Ezbook 3 pro dead keyboard

Ezbook 3 pro dead keyboard

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    It happen to me. After cleaning my ezbook 3 pro i probably added to much moisture and my keyboard died.

    When attempting to turn on pc blue light blinks jumper logo appears and then it goes off and starts from the beginning. It is faulty keyboard or power button. I managed to turn on jumper when light turns on i detached keyboard cable and windows came up.

    Is there any replacement or solution? How can i turn on pc without keyboard?


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    I’ve had the same issue afrer I throw a glass of wine on my keyboard 🙂  It’s probably some keys are jammed, not exactly power button, try to push all buttons by flat hand, do it sevral times and press power button. And if it not help, keep do it again and again 🙂

    After succesfull bot i’ve invetigate witch keys are going to jamm, by linux command “evtest”. I’ve unmount them, and clean up under the rubber button using toothpick.

    Good Luck


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    buy keyboard link :




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    the kb is fixed to a metal plate via a lot of plastic stems what are melted flat.
    you have to cut them all off after you removed everything to get to the metal plate
    after you changed the kb how will you fix the metal plate again?

    a bluetooth kb is the much more easy fix
    they even have some nice flat ones now with a trackpad



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