Finally i did it(eMMC replace)

Finally i did it(eMMC replace)

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    I tried to replace eMMC(main storage for tablet pc) chuwi v89 64gb

    v89 was broken ‘nand brick’

    so it just piece of scrap but it also good for experiment

    i tried revolving eMMC by heat gun, soldering iron

    and i worked pretty good.

    OS setup done, and i use v89 128gb everyday for field test.

    i plan to try this work to GPD win.

    thank you for reading and sorry for my poor english. XD

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    Chris G
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    Wow nice job, never would have attempted that myself. Seems so tricky to replace an eMMC. Well done!

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    Do you think the same can be done to a chuwi HI8 PRO. The stock 32gb is just too short to grant a good usage so I wonder if I can upgrade it to a 128GB.

    Can you give me a glimpse on this?

    Sx C
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    Its definitely possible and i’ve done this to my iphone as well.

    The problem is finding compatible chips which is near impossible even if you have the part number, even if you did find one the cost of it with workmanship included will probably cost more than what you paid for the tablet in the first place.

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    <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more.</span> พนันบอลออนไลน์<span> 🙂 :J</span>

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    It’s a good news you could successfully replace an eMMC chip!

    How did you solder it? Did you use only heat gun or you also placed motherboard on heat station (table)?

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