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  • the charger you have bought is a PD smart charger and the lapbook pro will not be able to establish a ‘handshake’ and request for the required 12v.

    what you need is a 12v dumb charger and a adapter like this.

    afterwards just use any type-a to type-c cable and it will work. if you want to play it safe can use a usb tester just to be absolutely…[Read more]

  • Sx C replied to the topic So my i7 Book died in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    if the weight is the considering factor i can tell you that the eve v with keyboard is barely 40g heavier than the knote set. Size wise in landscape mode the width will be the same but the eve a little taller due to the aspect ratio.

    even if it were a lot lighter i still wouldn’t recommend the knote 5 simply because it is just plain horrible(low…[Read more]

  • Sx C replied to the topic So my i7 Book died in the forum General Discussion 1 month ago

    sign up for the newsletter or whatever it is at the eve v website, occasionally they will run a flash sale for the m3 model at $499 USD including the keyboard.

    tempting enough that i am considering it even though i already have a core m surface pro.

  • honestly i dont think this is a problem that can be fixed and the options you have are extremely limited

    firstly, please confirm that the battery is higher than 8v and increases when you charge it.

    if the notebook is still turning off even with a working battery then the problem is most likely hardware related and beyond economic…[Read more]

  • in this case i would recommend the teclast t8.

    honestly thou as long as the tablet will not be used under direct sunlight any of them will have a good enough screen for the task at hand.

    the teclast m89 or the mipad 3 are good options as well if you want something with a 4:3 aspect ratio


  • the lenovo xiaoxin is a very good alternative especially now that banggood it selling it at a very attractive price of 159.99 usd.

    i suppose you will be making video calls as well and the forward facing speakers coupled with good volume makes this an excellent choice for the elderly.

  • it is possible, all you need is a simple adapter which will trick the power bank to output 12v ie QC2.0 spec.

    just follow the guidelines from my original post and you should be safe, i have been using this method for almost 3 years now and have not encountered a single issue.

    technically speaking it should be possible to get more than 1.5a if…[Read more]

  • does it work when the power adapter is plugged in?

  • yes it will work but you will need something like this to force it to output 12v.

    be warned though the power bank will get really warm as it is designed for mobile phone which will use the max output of 12v 1.5a for no more than a few minutes.

    my recommendation is to use it only when the notebook is turned off, and for every 30 minutes of c…[Read more]

  • althought the t10 cost much more it would be a better buy in my opinion, one wont change your tablet that often and its a good idea to spend that extra money in the first place.

    a mt8163 is usable but you will experience the sluggishness pretty much all of the time. i have seen the t10 go for as little as 169 just a few days ago and it is an…[Read more]

  • if there is a return process you should activate it first, if not i doubt the seller will entertain any of your questions.

    in the case where you cant reach a settlement with the seller you can just send it back, provided that you dont have to pay return shipping of course.

    my personal opinion would be to push for a partial refund of 10-20%,…[Read more]

  • Sx C replied to the topic AC Adapter in the forum EZBook series 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    the specification of the dc jack is 3.5mm*1.35mm, search 3.5mm 12v and you should get the compatible models.

    just note, do buy something rated 3a and above, the chinese interpretation of 12v 2a means it will stop working once it reaches the rating.

  • my stock charger finally failed and i went out to buy a PD charger since i know that is is supported by the surbook.

    however, upon some preliminary testing i discovered that the charger is actually outputting 15v rather than 12v.

    left it to charge for half an hour and it appears to work fine but i am still worried.

    have anyone used a PD charger…[Read more]

  • Sx C replied to the topic F5 not charging in the forum General Discussion 7 months, 1 week ago

    have you tried a different charger?

  • agree with the xiaomi recommendation but i would go with the pro version instead, subscribe to the newsletter from gearbest and it will regularly go for under 800USD.

    the non pro model is still rather new and there is still a markup tacked to it, at equivalent specs(CPU and ram) the pro will cost $50-80 more but for the price you will get 128gb…[Read more]

  • Sx C replied to the topic Jumper ezbook x4 TN to Ips in the forum EZBook series 8 months ago

    If you really cannot live with the TN screen the best option is to sell it and get another with a ips panel.

  • your best bet is to just disable the ac3165 and use a wifi dongle instead, this is what i do with almost all of my MIC device when the wifi is near or totally useless

  • You can first try one of those linux tutorial to determine if you can get any of it to work, best case scenario only the emmc is knackered. If you can get linux to work off a usb then try installing windows to a m.2 ssd and see if it will boot.

  • you will probably get much better thermal performance with a proper centrifugal blower style fan, the fan you are using looks more like a axial fan that has been lightly adapted to work like a blower fan.

    The CFM and more importantly static pressure is nowhere near what you need it to be in a enclosed environment.

  • If it just stopped working suddenly then it will most probably be a hardware issue and not fixable, your only option is to use the m.2 slot for a wifi card.

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