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    I’ve seen some Chinese resellers offer sf express with customs tax included. offers sf express shipping option, but doesn’t explicitly say that customs tax is included. Does anyone have experience ordering from with sf express shipping option (preferably to Europe/Germany) and whether the shipment went through customs?

    thnik phutan
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    Hello, please tell me about the Cheap Courier Insurance. As a freight forwarder, I must have a long-term contract with each owner of the car, duly executed. A single application/contract does not “roll”. As a freight forwarder I must submit to the insurance company a register of carriers with whom I have a long-term contracts. Am I right?

    Hazel Welch
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    I had an problem with my oder and had to contact costomer support. Knowing that Geebuying has a very lagre number of costomers I didn’t expect to hear from them anytime soon. I was surprised, I received an email from customer service representative just hours after sending an email. I have to mention Jenifer Service, she was very supportive and competent and gave me the feeling that Geekbuying takes customer service very seriously. I’t good to know that people like Jennifer are working hard to solve costomer problems.

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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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